Lessons in driving that teach deeper life lessons

When I get into my car now to go anywhere, I have two things on my mind, safety and courtesy.

I used to worry about how quickly I was to get somewhere, but as I’ve learnt more about driving I have come to realize that there is very little I can do to influence when I will arrive once I get in the car, when you arrive is simply a function of when you leave.

Driving like a bat our of hell, weaving between lanes, pushing every just turned red light and basically being a total asshole to everyone else on the road is not going to make up for leaving just a couple of minutes earlier.


A few minutes of traffic jam will eat up any performance gained by driving like a maniac.

Many a time I’ve watched cars around me swap lanes and cut each other off trying to eek out a few inches of advantage while I’ve stayed in my lane, only to find myself ahead of the O.C.D. A.D.D. plonkers.

If I want to arrive somewhere earlier, I leave earlier, and then smile at every driver who wants to come into my lane. I leave room for others to merge and guess what I arrive on time, and I truly enjoy being nice to other road users.

Rather than being stupid, I’ve learnt to be smart, and in the process I’m happier and get to be nice to others.

Who knew!


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