Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Imagine working in a company where you hate your boss. And to show just how much you hate your boss you were to do everything you possibly could to destroy the company. You insult every customer, stop paying every bill, break every process and refuse to do anything to repair the damage.

Well in a company you would find out pretty quickly that one of two things would happen. Either you would be booted out or the company would go bust.

It really doesn’t matter how much of an asshole your boss may be, there is absolutely no excuse for becoming an even bigger asshole.

Seems pretty simple, you don’t need to like your boss, but for the company to survive you need to find some way to help make the situation better.

So how come this same logic doesn’t seem to apply in politics. I suspect that around 50% of the population always thinks the guy (or group) in charge are complete and utter assholes. But it seems that when one political view doesn’t get their way, they turn into the largest, most grotesque assholes it is possible to become.

A problem never gets fixed by making it bigger, and as every child having a tantrum learns, holding your breath until you turn blue, stamping your feet and pissing in the flower pot is a total waste of time.

The world has big problems, that need thought, discussion and effort from a broad range of skilled people to solve. We don’t need spoilt brats who throw their toys out of their buggies every time they don’t get their own way.

And if you think I’m writing this about just republicans, you’re wrong. Today we have politicians of all shapes, sizes and political parties failing to deliver infrastructure, jobs, finance, education, security and leadership for the future.

As a good friend of mine mentioned this weekend, we have a government run by boehners, franks and weiner’s.

It just makes me angry!


Stop the bag madness

So what is the problem with plastic bags and supermarkets?

You go to the super market and buy a couple of apples, an onion, some carrots, a lettuce and a cucumber, but what you get includes a stack of polystyrene trays, 20 feet of plastic wrap and a bunch of printed stickers along with the fruit and veg.

But when you go to buy these items at the checkout and need a bag to put them in, the staff are shocked that YOU are single handedly destroying the planet.

It seems that that one plastic bag is (in their minds) causing landfills, and causing the seas to rise.

I suspect the reason for their consternation is that the plastic bag is actually a useful piece of packaging. When you get home you throw away all the crap that the groceries came in, but actually REUSE the plastic bag. And of course the reuse stops you buying a bag for whatever purpose it’s being reused for.

Next time the supermarket gives me shit over the need for a bag, I am goinf to ask them to remove all the superfluous packaging and just give me what I will be able to consume. Until they can do that I don’t want to hear another word about reusable bags that I need to purchase. That’s how they can help the environment.


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