Generation Borg

The history of human existence has been one of supplementing our nature with technology.

Wearing clothes for protection against heat, cold or scraping dangly bits.

Using rocks and sticks to dig or hit or create chemical reactions (fire).

Writing down information on stones or in books.

And in a million other ways over the multitude of conscious millenium.

And more recently we are now living life vicariously through a little bit of glass, plastic and silicon.

The next step will be to directly interface with each sense. Google glass is showing the way, with a heads-up display of information supplemented by sound.

But how long will it be before we have direct implants into our brains to provide a whole range of additional inputs.

Initially maybe directly attaching to the optic nerve, and the signals coming from the ear. But then maybe adding direct hook-ups for smell, taste, touch. This is already being developed to help the sight impared, and I see no reason why it should stop there.

And maybe the next step should be to plug directly into memories, learning new things can be as simple as buying the module from amazon, and downloading.

And what about uploading, maybe we’re not that far away from brain backups. Keep a copy offline in case of a problem. Either do a disaster recovery or even run a copy in a disaster recovery center, basically running a copy of you in a computer or spare clone.

This may seem very weird, and fiction today. But with the rate and pace of technology development, and the changing perceptions of body augmentation, why not?

Maybe its decades, centuries or millennium away, but it seems like a reasonable extension of the human condition to continue to augment nature with technology.

Resistance is futile, assimilation may be inevitable.

I’m actually okay with that!



War is the absolute failure of politics and diplomacy

When war happens, it happens when diplomacy and politics fail.

When you stop talking to the crazy man, then he is left with just the thoughts in his head.

This is the reason that we send lunatics to the mental institutions, you have to keep working on trying to reach even that tiniest amount of working brain cells.

The other choice is you ignore them and the voices in their heads that are telling them to kill take over.

It’s no different with world leaders. There are some crazy ones out there, and you have to keep talking to them.

When you stop talking to them they are free to do the craziest of things.

Diplomacy can be horrible. You may have to talk to people that you honestly detest.

That’s the job we pay and empower politicians and diplomats to do, and when they fail, wars happen.

Quite simply war is the purest form of diplomatic and political failure. A politician that leads a country to war or cannot find another route but all-out fighting has failed.

Failure happens, but that does not stop it from being a failure.

Many noble warriors and innocent bystanders get terribly hurt in war.

Heroes are not those who go to war, they are those who perform incredible acts to save others.

I’m not for a second postulating that it’s okay to let bad people do bad things, just that it takes political skill to force bad people to stop doing bad things without directly bombing them.

And in the face of popular dissent, still being able to force bad people to stand down takes political bravery and skill.


Who farted

Something horrible happened.

It seems someone farted.

All parties present were known for eating spicy ground meats and chick peas, which as we know are significant poisonous gas producers.

The United Nations sent inspectors in, and it’s expected to take several weeks to confirm that someone farted.

But it’s unlikely that the Inspectors will be able to identify WHO farted.

The Brits are disgusted that someone farted, but want nothing to do with it.

The French are worried that the fart may have Been in their general direction.

The Russians are sniffing the air and while they can smell the residual fart aroma, they are more interested In having all potential future farters adhere to international bowel movement conventions.

But the Americans want to confirm who dealt it, and shove a cork up their ass.


Keep calm and carry on is the English way

Why is that World War Two poster so popular in America

Seems everyone has a version of the “keep calm and carry on” poster. Either as a tee shirt or bumper sticker.

But why?

That’s the English way, not the American way.

The English don’t react, don’t respond. Call it a stiff upper lip, or a stupid idealized stick up the arse, but it’s the English way.

The American way is to always respond. If someone doesn’t move quickly, shout at them.

If you don’t like something , bring lawyers and ask for a billion in punitive damages

If a crazy mad man attacks, destroy his country, and a bunch of nearby countries, and do it in no particular order.

I’m not saying that I disagree with the American idea, it’s the knowledge and attitude of power.

But what it is not, is keeping calm and carrying on.

I want to see the tee shirt that say ” get pissed and make things worse” and the one that says “annoy me and I’ll destroy you”

These are American! And these are attitudes to be proud of!


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