More reasons to be angry at at&t

We had 2 cell phones on a at&t contract, and it was beyond expensive. T-mobile are offering a lower price and a hell of a lot more ticks on the boxes.

With t-mobile I get data at a much lower price, no additional charge for tethering, free data from pretty much all the countries I travel to on a regular basis, $10 for no-charge calls to land lines in the UK.

So I called at&t to see if they could come clear to matching any of these features. After an hour discussing the merits of buying a text messaging package at a discounted price and me explaining that that wasn’t going to cut it, they agreed they couldn’t come close.

So I moved. And at&t then decided to be the biggest asshole they could. They have made unlocking my phones a week long exercise.

While it wont stop me leaving them it most definitely makes me want to return the favor and be the biggest asshole I can back at them.

IF YOU ARE AN AT&T CELL CUSTOMER TODAY, pop in to your local T-Mobile store. They will reduce your bill dramatically and increase the services you get at the same time.

My bill has just gone down 66%!!!


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