Join CAPA today!

Join CAPA today!

There is a vile, rude, obnoxious and insulting form of advertising on the web, it’s called the pop-up advert.

These are so annoying as to cause most reasonable people to just leave the site that is showing them,

I for one would never purchase anything promoted on a pop-up. The process is simple, while you are viewing a page on the web, an irrelevant, and often noisy advert jumps up on the screen. You then spend a few seconds hunting around the edges for the elusive X to close the window.

Sometimes, while searching for the close button you may click on the body of the ad, causing it to take you to the advertisers webpage. This causes the advertising agency that created the ad to be able to tell the advertiser that they had a click through, which means they can say that the ad worked and so they should so some more. Of course they could dig further into the statistics and see that your next action was to immediately close that window (they call that bounce), but why would they want to do that, as it doesn’t provide them with a way of justifying more ads.

These ads are the advertising equivalent of farting in a crowded elevator; the only people that enjoy them are the socially immature people who created them.

There are some basic ways to stop these things. Some security features of web browsers allow you to block pop-ups, but of course the “elevator farter’s” have found ways around this. Now instead of the pop-up opening a pop-up window they just have it display in the already open window, this defeats the security feature of the web browser. Because clearly those who enjoy farting in elevators believe their stink must be smelt.

If you are a company that spends money with an agency on web advertising, ask your advertiser to explain the bounce rate to you. If you see that the bounce rate is accounting for nearly every click-through, you can be certain that you are wasting your money. And now is the time to kick your agency to the curb.

The explosion of pop-up advertising has to be stopped!

I propose that there is a need for CAPA, the Campaign Against Pop-up Ad’s

And here is the charter:

1. Never buy anything from a company you see that uses pop-up ad’s

That’s is, it’s pretty simple.


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