Why does anyone care about anyone else’s life choices or nature?

It makes me really angry when anyone decides that the way they are is the only way that is acceptable. Every single person is unique at a genetic level, we all contain a mix of genetic material supplied by each of our parents, with an element of random mutation in our genetic code created by errors along the way and environmental conditions throughout gestation and the whole of our lives. Add to this the huge impact on microorganisms that permeate our bodies and it’s clear that each and every person is as close to a unique ecosystem as it’s possible to imagine.

Everyone is different, and some of the differences are blatant such as skin color, sexual organs, size or weight. Others are harder to see such as the exact location and size of our internal organs, blood type, relative size and interconnectedness of our brains sub-components.
Some people are left handed, some have a predisposition for analytical thinking, some have the innate skills required to perform sports or create art.

Some people find pleasure in the opposite sex, while some prefer those of the same sex, and some are somewhere in between or to the sides of any scale your can create.

What is clear is that absolutely no two people in existence are exactly the same.

Any differences between any people are just that, differences between two people.

Anyone who believes that their perception of normal based on any criteria that they choose is more important than anyone else’s, is a fool.

We are all absolutely different, and it’s this difference that provides the possibility of the continuation of the human species.
Race is a made up concept that looks at a small number of criteria to allow fools to feel superior.

Sexual orientation is about as irrelevant a topic as it’s possible to conceive. You may as well want to consider toe length or thickness of armpit hair.

Who cares if two women want to love each other, or two men. While the outcome is not likely to me more children, it is very likely to be happy, content and valuable people supporting each other and contributing to the overall health and happiness of the human race, in exactly the same way as a man and a woman loving each other do.

It’s shocking to realize just how many forms of discrimination still exist! race, religion, color, sexual preference, fat people, skinny people, disabled people, etc. There is a place in the world where each and every one of us will be discriminated upon based on stupid and irrelevant criteria. Some of these discrimination’s are against the things we are genetically and some against the things we have chosen to be. The reasons are irrelevant. Everyone who discriminates is a fool, and is actively hurting the whole human race.


Mustard Gas for the 21st Century

Once a terrible method of mass destruction is invented or discovered the long term potential for horror is infinite.

In world war one poisoned gas was used, and a hundred years later the potential for horror is still there.

In world war two the nuclear bomb was invented and used, and now countries across the world possess weapons that can end the world.

We’ve seen IED’s and suicide vests, made from household items, which will now be a tool of any ignorant Looney.

Now we have drones, not just the big ones run from thousands of miles away, but also the $500 models that can be used for any number of crazy attacks.

And now we’re quickly entering the world of cyber weapons which in our totally connected world can be incredibly dangerous.

Once a weapon is created is cannot be uncreated, ever.


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