A rational list of policies that the nicest places in the world are working towards


Japan, Australia, Scandinavia, France, UK, Canada and many other countries are embracing a wide range of cultural new normals for the 21st century. Some will work, some will miss, but they are aspiring to be the best they can be.

Here are some of the beautiful ideas that they are moving towards, that I find to be wonderful aspirations.

Pro safe sex and sex education.

Pro abortion – it’s the absolute choice of the mother who can choose to listen or ignore anyone as they decide.


Pro contraception for health and economic equality.

Anti-gun and anti-bullets – keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and crazies absolutely.

Anti-organized-religion – feel free to worship anything or everything, but keep it private.

Pro union rights as and when workers choose – individuals or groups have the absolute right to negotiate as and when they see fit.

Pro regulation to ensure a level playing field – healthy capitalism demands rules

Pro legalize drugs to destroy organized crime – tax and control.


Pro gay rights because everyone has the same rights – let everyone live the life they need and want to live – happiness doesn’t have a single definition.

Anti racism in all it’s guises – we’re all designed to find people unlike ourselves scary, deal with it.

Pro freedom for all – freedom to enjoy life without hurting others.

Pro fiscal-conservatism – balanced budgets lead to long term security and national growth.

Anti social-conservatism – no one has the right one answer.

Pro society – everyone gets the same rights.

Pro rehabilitation as opposed to punishment.

Respect for the rule of law and the people who enforce those laws.


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