Are we free to be jerks?

Freedom is a very complex term to understand.

Is a person free to inflict their personal views on others?

If you are free to drink vast quantities of coke every day and you grow to be a diabetic blob of hundreds of pounds of flab, that requires others to feed and oil your bed sores, is this an undeniable freedom?

Are you free to own deadly weapons and leave them lying around your unlocked house so others can steal them and use the in horrific crimes?

Are you free to drive at 130 miles an hour on the freeway?

Obviously there are limits to personal freedoms, when they impinge on others rights to the very same freedom. But where do you draw the line.

It seems obvious to me that banning the sale of large sugary drinks in NYC doesn’t make sense, personally I see the health risk of over sugared drinks, but why the arbitrary size? I guess it makes the health point if in a silly way.

Guns, on the other hand is a tougher discussion. Clearly personal protection and hunting are strong arguments, but I get concerned when I see loons dreaming about government takeovers while waving their ar15 above their heads. There is clearly a mental health issue that should be considered.

There is such a fine balance between personal freedom and public responsibility.


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