Being selfish or ignorant are not desirable attributes.

It’s beyond embarrassing that democratically elected members of the U.S. Government think that science is a lie and that being selfish is equally as good as being generous.

Fools will always exist and selfish people will always exist, but knowing someone is an idiot and then voting for that idiot boggles the mind.

We have senators, representatives, governors, judges and even police chiefs that think the world was actually created (in a literal sense) 6000 years ago. They think that weather is manually manipulated by a god in response to any social behavior they don’t agree with. That poor people are only poor because they are lazy. That healthcare should be for-profit. That war is a good thing.

Yes we have people who won most votes in elections that think that immigrants should stay illegal, and that it’s okay to discriminate if you can says it’s for religious reasons. That woman should be subservient, paid less and seen as baby receptacles with no personal rights. That sexual orientation is a reason to discriminate. That taxes should be lowest for those with the most. That white is better than black (because they think that skin color is important). That slavery wasn’t a terrible thing. That it’s okay to be self-centered. That ignorance is as good as knowledge.

These people are just wrong. Shockingly, morally and in my view legally wrong.


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