Car Renters Against Thrifty Car Rental

I hate Thrifty car rental with a passion

So what is the business of a car rental company? You would think it’s to rent cars, and you would imagine they would love customers who book in advance and then arrive at exactly the time they booked for to rent a car.

Well this is not the business model preferred by Thirfty car rental.

Last week we were in Vegas for a few days and decided it would be great to go for a hike in the Mohave desert, and pop in to Fry’s, my favorite geek out store on that side of the US. So we duly looked for a day’s car rental. We found Thrifty were at the airport, and so called them and booked a car for the next day. All confirmed and ready to go.

So the next day we dutifly took a taxi to the airport and went to the thrifty car rental desk, where we were told that they were not honoring reservations. Why I asked? Did you not have cars? And the stunning response was this “oh we have cars, but we are holding them in case any of our premier customers decide they might want one”.

So the facts were we had booked a reservation, they had a record of our reservation, they has cars available, but they chose to be assholes and not rent cars on the off-chance that a regular customer who had not made a reservation would want one.

The faster Thrifty go bankrupt the better, as far as I am concerned.

I will NEVER rent from them again. And I advise everyone I know will to NEVER rent from them again.

There is nothing worse than a business that does not understand why it is in business. Thrifty car rental, I wish you nothing but bankruptcy, your business model stinks.

I called Thrifty’s service department to complain and was unable to speak to a manager as none were in. I have not received a call back from them or any apology for their stupidity.

I think I’m going to found CRATCR, Car Renters Against Thrifty Car Rental, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!


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2 Replies to “Car Renters Against Thrifty Car Rental”

  1. That really is pretty staggering. You’re right to be furious about it.

    I’d have thought you have grounds to sue them for breach in common law, but I don’t know how Nevada’s system works. If you can, you should – otherwise they’ll only do it again to someone else.

    I had a similar experience with a different but equally badly-run rental company in Verona a couple of years ago. They rented me a car with a failing clutch, then, after it failed, took almost three days to replace it (asking me to return it to the airport, 30km away – great idea: a crash gearbox or just a crash?).

    A certain VERY large travel company was supposed to be managing the holiday on our behalf (one pays a premium for local reps for just this sort of eventuality), however offices were closed when they should have been open, managers ‘didn’t have the authority’ to make decisions, and, I suspect, didn’t have the slightest interest in chasing the problem for us.

    As a client you’re left feeling you exist only as a source of profit for the machine.

  2. I can sort of understand some levels of incompetence, such as problems fixing broken cars, or maybe even overbooking and running out of cars. These are run of the mill issues caused by general ineptness, and are pretty popular in all areas of the world across all industries. But actually choosing to not honor a reservation and exclaiming that you have cars available, takes the concept of arrogant ineptness to a whole new level. Idiots are one thing while suicidal businesses are another. The end result may be the same (out of business), but you can have sympathy for the idiot just not the asshole.

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