Why are we scared of differences

My dog is a racist. It’s a fact of nature, he barks at other dogs that are not like himself. Anytime he sees a small white fluffy dog, it’s all sniffing and hugs, but when he sees a brown dog all of a sudden it’s barks and running around. Squirrels, birds and cats of course get the same treatment.

Now he’s a dog, so I’m willing to give him a little latitude for his limited brain capacity. But I’m not willing to give people the same “get away with being stupid” card.

When I grew up, the only black people I ever saw worked on the underground system, and so I used to call black people train drivers. My parents explained to me at a very early age that skin color is just a pigment that sits below the skin, and is a way that the amount of sunlight that is reflected is controlled, and is a factor associated with their place of origin. I grew up in a very cosmopolitan environment and so just saw skin color as an indicator of where a persons most recent ancestors came from. It’s not complex.

Skin color, cultural background, religion, hair color, height are used by people to differentiate themselves from others. And many people (like my stupid but lovable dog) only like people like themselves. I believe these stupid people are scared of anything not like themselves. It must be terrifying to be scared of so much.

Of course some differences are not so obvious, and for those terrified individuals they must shit themselves at the possibility that the person next to them may have a different sexual orientation. How scary that the bloke next to them on the train may have a boyfriend, or the nice lady at the supermarket once had a penis.

The terror must be very deep when they are willing to look like such bigoted assholes and actively fight to restrict other peoples human and civil rights.

Sexual orientation is so clearly just a genetic coding position in everyone’s DNA. People are who they are. But how can you expect anyone who doesn’t accept science as fact to understand that simple truth. Actually I don’t expect idiots to understand anything, I just expect them to deal with the reality that everyone has the right to live their lives as they please, and accept the fact that everyone has the same rights.

It seems likely that a lot of the most fervent campaigners against equal rights, are in fact fighting an internal battle over their own personal sexuality. And if they can’t accept themselves, how can they accept others.

Stupidity ,self hating and bigotry seem to go hand in hand.

There is no place for bigotry in this universe, so get over it.