Visiting Family and In-Laws During the Holidays

It’s that magical time of year when many of us drive to visit our families for the holidays. Some of us get to visit multiple families, namely our own kin and our in-laws during these wonderful days.

We endure traffic, snow and rain, mountain roads, and having to wear “itchy church clothes” so we can get to our destinations and look our best as we say our “Hello and Merry Christmas!” and peruse the cookie table at each relative’s home.

Our trip this year takes us to northern Connecticut, then to the Poconos, and then finally back to NYC. 4 days, 3 destinations and unlimited possibilities for family fun, awkward moments, sibling drama and in-law shenanigans. The stories of our family’s most colorful “Christmas Past” moments are retold often and remain cringeworthy and/or funny no matter many times they’re told.

What awaits us this year? Of course we don’t know yet, but as I mapped this year’s journey on Google maps I noticed that the plotted points felt strangely familiar. Not the towns, but their relationship to each other. After consulting some world maps and charts for patterns, it hit me like a bolt of lightning from a freak storm. Take a look and you tell me if I should be afraid.

The TriangleO



Brady, Belichick and the Patriots: Facts and Non-Fiction

As the NFL playoff frenzy continues to build approaching conference championship weekend, all eyes and ears seemingly turn to the Patriots and their coach and quarterback. A little Fact and Non-Fiction for consideration:

Brady and Belichick
Brady and Belichick
Fact: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had an amazing and perhaps unparalleled run, winning 3 Super Bowls (without a loss), and following it up with an undefeated regular season.

Fact: The fact is that the previously unbeatable Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are 0-fer in Superbowls since they were caught cheating and the “When given 2 weeks to prepare, no one will out prepare Bill Belichick!” statement sounds lazy and uninformed today.

Non-Fiction: With media darling Peyton Manning out early in yet another highly anticipated playoff run, the beautiful and talented Tom Brady will now get the lion’s share of attention as the young whippersnappers Flacco, Ryan and Copernicus will be grouped together.

Vince Ferragamo: Hopeful heartthrob coming back from Canada
Vince Ferragamo: Hopeful heartthrob coming back from Canada
Fact: While the NFL’s leading supermodel impregnator has lost the Prince Valiant haircut, he’s also trying to prove he hasn’t lost his on-field big game mojo. Since his coaches were caught cheating (to give him and his teammates an unfair advantage), this “Guaranteed first ballot HOFer” with “the clutch gene” has reminded us more of Dan Pastorini or even Vince Ferragamo than Joe Montana. Barely over .500.

Non-Fiction: Pastorini, Ferragamo and post-Spygate Brady are all Good looking, physically talented QBs from unusual pre-NFL glory situations who had great regular season success and were average to slightly above average in the playoffs.

Fact: Brady and Belichick have proven to be above average at their craft since the cheating scandal and associated sanctions for said cheating.

Non-Fiction: There’s no shame in just being above average in crunch time, but please… Vince Lombardi should never again be invoked when talking about Belichick and Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw should never again be invoked when talking about Tom Brady.


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