How everything works

The universe is amazing, in terms of just how big it is, and also how small it is.

Scale stuns.

When we look at the amazing large scale of everything we can see, think just how big it is. When you consider the size of the universe, the speed of light becomes so small.

It takes many lifetimes for light from other galaxies we see in space to reach us. This means we have no practical way of knowing what the universe really looks like at the moment we look at it. What we see happened a long time ago, in fact many long times ago. We see light arriving from many different places, all from different times.
What we see is therefore an illusionary moment in time. And that makes our view of the universe… illusionary. We can only assume what the universe looks like at any moment. Time really isn’t the constant we think it is.

So lets look at the other end of scale. When we look at molecules we see they are made of atoms. And when we look at atoms we see they are made of electrons, protons and neutrons with a lot of nothing in between. And when we look at electrons, neutrons and protons we find they are in themselves made of other things, which we have given even more amusing names. And it turns out even these “things” are made of other things. How deep the rabbit hole goes is anyone’s guess. But the more we find out about the way matter is, the more we see the edges of other ideas of other dimensions and other ways of perceiving.

The space in-between the massive and micro scales where we perceive and spend our thinking lives is still an incredible space, and the more we learn and push the boundaries the more meaning our existence has.

Amazing view of the bonds inside a molecule



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