Communists are total idiots!

There is a concept called communism that was considered by many people in many countries to by preferential to the systems that were in place at the time. These concepts were tried and roundly proved to an abject failure.

The idea of a classless society, where everyone is equal just doesn’t work. People have different skills and different motivations. When you try and pay everyone the same for doing different work, then there is absolutely no motivation to make things better.

What you end up with is a ruling elite that becomes frustrated by the lack of progress, and they start to force people to act as they need them to. This leads to a terrible society for most of the people in it (see Russia and China)

Capitalism has been proven to be a much better system. Where capital is invested to produce things. The more you produce the bigger the rewards.

But it seems there is a point where capitalism can actually start to look like communism. When capital is not invested to produce things, but instead is invested in such a way as to move more and more money into a smaller and smaller number of pockets (Wall Street making money out of playing with money, and not out of producing). Then the ability for the working person to get more by working harder is diminished.

What you end up with is a ruling elite that becomes frustrated by the lack of progress, and they start to force people to act, as they need them to. Sound familiar…

Capitalism works best when there is a framework in place that ensures that everyone involved in the capital machine stands to grow.

When the ruling elite is allowed to make ever-greater profits, by actually destroying the workers this is failure.

When the ruling elite pays lower and lower levels of taxation on a larger and larger share of the money. And they do this while lowering the quality of life of the workers by paying them less and less (outsourcing, reduction of benefits) then the capitalist system and the communist systems have intersected.

This isn’t complex. Capitalism has to be free to be effective. But that does not mean that business can move production to places that offer lower benefits and still expect to sell their goods the same way. The playing field needs to be balanced by levies placed on goods made (in part or totally) outside the country. That taxation must be reinvested as capital to replace the production that was moved offshore.

This creates the balance that capitalism needs to be healthy.

Without this balance economies fail, and capitalism stalls.

The issue is that there is so much money involved, it’s almost impossible for a politician to get into a position of influence without selling their soul to the business ruling elite. Every single politician today seems to be totally infected.



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