Cowards Fear

Building a wonderful society demands that we express the best attributes that we wish society to be. Long lives, healthy people, great education, ever expanding knowledge, care for the needy, fulfilling and rewarding work for everyone, equality for all, tolerance of all others, crime free, blind and fair justice, rehabilitation along with punishment, defense against tyranny, equitable rewards for honest work and the strength to be brave and not scared.

This last point, the strength to be brave and not scared is critical. Scared people feel the need to own and carry weapons, brave people do not!

Brave people believe in the ability of others to follow their example, and live a decent and honorable life.

Brave people are ready to act when a situation demands it, but brave people don’t live their lives nervously waiting for a reason to act. Brave people live their lives aspiring to be the best they can be and the best they can make society.

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Cowards fear, while brave people do not fear. And fear can be infectious. It’s easy to listen to scary stories and feel they have some merit. While it’s much harder to aspire to be better than those stories and those story tellers.

Being afraid is a biological response to the sum of a situation. It’s the body’s way of heightening your responses to conditions that could lead to danger. Certain chemicals start to course around the body that aid flight and potentially defensive action (blood leaves the extremities, allowing arms and legs to be bitten without too much loss of blood, etc.).

But the bodies fear mechanism is not particularly good for aggression. It limits thought, and is really designed for running away.

People who are able to fight effectively in a truly dangerous situation are those that are able to conquer their fear and act rationally.

If you think that everyone is out to get you, and that you need to be armed at all times, you are clearly a very scared person.

If you are scared all the time, you are not the right person to truly deal with a dangerous situation.

People who are afraid of everything are those least capable of dealing with a truly dangerous situation.

Every day millions of brave people strive to build our wonderful society, we give them titles by the jobs they perform, teacher, EMT, fireman, garbage collector, carpenter. Every now and again one of them is called upon to show their bravery overtly, and they just act with the same brave grace they do every single day.

The land of the brave does not need everyone to be armed at all times.


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