Dragons and Zombies are clearly real.

Here’s the thing, as a thinking sentient person I find the boundary between what is okay to believe and what is myth to be very difficult to comprehend.

Let me summarize

I’m told that it’s okay to believe that the world is 6000 years old, and that the universe was created in a few days by a unique deity.

It’s okay to believe that there was a Garden of Eden, and a talking snake convinced the only woman on earth at the time to take a bite out of an apple that was forbidden.

It’s okay to believe in burning bushes, talking lords that no one else can see or hear, devils and angels, alien overlords, spirits and saints.

But it’s not possible for dragons and fairies to exist. And zombies and vampires are just myths.

Frankly I don’t see any difference!

If in a thousand years time, people find a copy of lord of the rings in a cave, does that make it more truth and less fiction?

Just because stories have been around for a long time does not make them any truer.

The American Constitution is an incredible document that transcends many of the limiting social and political restrictions of its time, that were placed on people around the world by those who had (and wanted to remain in) power.

When the constitution was created, the civilized world had already developed a very powerful method of teaching and disseminating great ideas. We already had books, schools and a social framework most people adhered to.

Imagine if a great document (like the constitution) had been created thousands of years earlier. The people of that time would have created stories to pass from person to person to teach the ideas outlined within it. These stories would have had to be exciting, powerful and memorable to be passed from village to village and generation to generation. But they still would have been stories.

Groups would have got together to refine the stories keeping the best ones and replacing those that were not strong enough with better ones. Eventually these stories would have been written down and passed around in scrolls and books to ensure consistency.

None of this makes them any less fictional or any truer. It just speaks to the importance of teaching the best ideas to as many people as possible to create a consistent society.

There is a lot of good that can come from teaching people, and from sharing ideas and cultural memories from generations past. But if anyone thinks that because the same story has been shared for generations that gives it some special dispensation for being called true without evidence, then as a sentient person, question it!

You may decide you like the idea of living your life guided by the stories of ancient people, or in some cases contemporary people. Or you may decide on a different path, thats the choice everyone should have. Enjoy.



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