Election 2012

So the polls say this thing is a done deal. Really, Obama for 4 more years? Is He not the most radical president we have ever had? What the hell will he try and do in the next 4 years, when he doesn’t face reelection? Really, Obama for 4 more years? Can we point to one area that he has succeeded? Not really. Can we count the number of hours he has sat through national security briefings? About 420 hours. The number of hours he has spent golfing, about 630 hours. Did I just make that number up, yes but we know he has been at least 105 times, you do the math. Am I angry, You bet ya! That’s why I’m posting.
Would anyone argue that economy is floundering? Other than Paul Krugman, who has left his position as an economist and became a political shrill, would anyone say we are on the right path. When you see Paul Krugman on television he gives a subtle clue he is not being honest. It’s when his lips are moving. This jackass would never approve of a national debt when a Republican was in office. Anyone? Anyone? I thought not. I hate double standards.
What the hell will America look like in 4 years? Will we punish success and reward losers? Pathetic people that want to suck off the American Teet and never have a full understanding of where the money comes from in order to afford their life. We just saw it this week with Obama Phones. An interviewer asked where the money comes from to give you an Obama Phone, the person in Cleveland said I don’t know it’s Obama money. When 51% takes from the government has no idea where the money comes from, this country is doomed. I love the look on liberals face when they suddenly realize their policies have hurt people. Wow, I had no idea, wow. These stupid fucks are killing this country. Am i being polite, no but the destruction of this country isn’t polite either. Oh, I’m Angry.



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