Exercise videos – multiple types of pain.

Okay, I get it, I understand why people want to be fit. I can see the benefits of being healthy, of increasing your heart rate and burning more energy to grow muscle and reduce flab. It makes sense.

But every year I head about people keeling over from heart attacks or other bit bursting during exercise. It’s dangerous, but I guess sitting on the sofa and watching TV 15 hours a day is probably more dangerous.

So people turn to exercise videos. I’ve been persuaded that I should “do” the Jillian Michaels video. OH MY GOD!!!! Who is this woman from hell. The warm up is enough to kill me. Actually I thing I broken a leg bone just doing the stretches. And her psychological warefare techniques are worse. She lies! Just one more minute, is always a lie. She is one tough task master.

Evil Task Master

So I’ve looked for a less aggressive version of the “exercise” video, and so far every one I’ve looked at has some serious issues. There is no way I can watch a crazy staring woman for 45 minutes. Some of their googly eyes are seriously freaky.

Any they need to learn a better script. “we’re walking and walking and walking” isn’t going to hold my attention.

One day there will be an issue-free exercise video, and I will have no more excuses, but until then I have an out, and I’m going to use it wahahahaha (evil laugh)



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