Fat Totalitarian Evil Communist with a Bad Hairdo – Pure Comic Genius

It’s true there are very few places in the world that have unfettered free speech. In Europe if you say something horrible about someone there is a chance of a libel lawsuits.

In fact there are only a couple of very specific places in the UK where you are allowed to say anything without fear of government control or private prosecution. One is an obscure corner of a public square in London (speakers corner) and the other one is the member of parliaments chamber in the House of Commons. Quite possibly it’s okay to say whatever you want in the house of lords as well, either by an unwritten constitutional rule, but more likely because no one really cares what those people say.

Anyway that’s the UK, in the USA things are a bit different, the concept of free speech is absolute. You can say what you want about anyone or anything, anytime you like with no fear of government intervention. Of course this isn’t really true, as in the US the real power is whoever has most money, so you can say whatever you want as long as the richest people agree with what you are saying or have no interest in what you are saying.

And yet the US is still the freest speaking place in the world. There are no shortage of pictures of the president with a Hitler mustache, or radio hosts, TV pundits and writers who spend their days saying the most ridiculous things you can imagine.

If you believed everything that was said in America then half the population must be crazed communist/socialist/radicalized hippies and the other half are bible thumping, climate change deniers living in underground bunkers with tin hats and machine guns.

Obviously this is crazy, no more that 70 percent of the country is like that.

Any yet America is still fantastic! There is a place for almost anything, and most if it comes with Cheese.

Of course not everywhere in the world likes free speech. North Korea seems to most definitely not like free speech. And they most definitely don’t like their leader being used as a story line, especially when he ends up being targeted for killing by a couple of comic characters.

They were so upset they used their smartest cyber-fighters to attack the studio that made the movie, basically giving away what was possibly their best weapon in the event of a truly serious reason to fight.

If only it was so easy to persuade Russia to expose its cyber weapons. Make a joke about Putin’s Mom and maybe he’ll have the nuclear subs surface, of activate a couple of sleeper agents to moon the white house… it’s worth a try.


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