I can’t fathom how anyone can support the policies of Trump.

I get the importance of conservatism in a Capitalist Federated Republic, I really do. I can understand why freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom to take risks is a fundamental of America. But that is not what is being delivered; at every turn we’re seeing the disillusionment of the American dream, the sucking of resources from the people to a small cadre of oligarchs. The rules that have been carefully crafted over hundreds of years to ensure that risky endeavors cannot destroy the fabric of the country are being removed, from banking, from healthcare, from the environment, from society. The ideas that everyone is equal, and that immigrants are the biggest resource a country can grow are being decimated.

Trillions are being sucked out of the economy in ways that are not improving America, and will leave a gaping wound that many generations will be trying to triage.

I can see why the white majority is scared of change, and I can see why men are concerned about women becoming truly equal, and I can see why people born as one sex but living as the other (or another) scare some people. I can see why minorities are upset by the persistent bias they have suffered and continue to suffer.

I always thought conservatives wanted to balance the budget. I thought this because for my whole life, this is what they have been saying. And all of a sudden that’s not important anymore.

We have a president who has a problem forming a complete and consistent thought and turning it into a sentence. He has said so many things that would have destroyed any previous president, from inferring that there are good people marching with neo-nazis to being caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy, to being indicted in his first term to having most of his political organization imprisoned, he’s failed at everything from having Mexico pay for a wall to leading NATO to foreign policy. There are no excuses for any of these, and then we have the pandemic, where the USA has by far the highest levels of infection and death globally, and no plan to make it any better.

I can understand racism, sexism even xenophobia, everyone has some of these traits, but very few have all of them, and those that do tend to be competent evil geniuses. I can’t think of anyone else except trump that has been so incompetent and evil at the same time, and that should be enough for even those who agree with his ideas to not want this mother fucker to get another term.


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