I Just noticed how similar my dog is to the world of social media

My wife comments (negatively) on my need to check-in on Facebook or foursquare every time we go everywhere.

And it just occurred to me that this is a very animalistic need. Whenever we leave the house for a walk my dog does exactly the same thing and checks-in at every tree, lamppost and fire hydrant.

dog and hydrant

And when I started to think about it its became clear that there are even more synergies that we share. We facebookers spend a lot of time checking out what our friends have been up to, while my dog does the same thing my sniffing the asshole of any “friend” he meets and they in turn politely reciprocate by sniffing his bum.


We read news stories and memes and he sniffs pee stains….

We rant at stupid people and he barks at bikes, joggers and roller blade-ers….

Facebook has truly allowed us to become as intellectually advanced as a domestic dog.

I’d like to be proved wrong on this one, but suspect that is unlikely.


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