Is Net Neutrality a Myth?

There is this concept called fairness. I say concept because frankly the world isn’t a fair place. The deck is always stacked.

If you can afford it you can travel first class and arrive fresh giving you a competitive advantage.

If you work in a corporation and have a senior position, you will have a comfier chair, a bigger office, an assistant, a key to the executive washroom. All of these perks make you life easier, meaning that you personally will be more productive as compared to someone who doesn’t have these advantages.

If you live in a country with road tolls, you can choose to take the faster, smoother, safer route (and pay more), or take the slower, bumpy route with traffic lights, blind curves and more traffic.

Generally these are not choices, but practice limitations placed on people who cannot afford the cost of the smoother path through life.

Should the Internet be the same way? Is the Internet already the same way?

Access to the Internet is expensive, and the more you pay the better access you can achieve. There is a technique that large banks use to make incredibly fast, tiny trades on the worlds stock markets. They are able to buy and sell millions of times in the time it takes everyone else to make a single trade. This allows huge profits to be accrued just because of the speed advantage.

But is it fair to allow this model to continue. Well clearly it’s not fair, but when has fair ever been a concept that we all adhere to?

Check out this link Is Net Neutrality possible?
I’m personally in favor if keeping the Internet as a level playing field, where no one gets more efficient access beyond what they pay for their on-ramp. I’m just not sure that that it’s possible or ever really existed this way. But we should do whatever we can to keep it as even as possible.



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