Is the Apple Watch the must have gadget or the badge of the asshole nerd, or both?

New technology is something I’ve always been attracted to. I grew up enjoying, understanding and being enthralled by all thing tech. And today my house is about as automated as it’s possible to be. The internet of things lives in my pad, much to the chagrin of my good wife. While she prefers to read by turning paper, I’ve been a kindle freak from day one. Bluetooth ear pieces are my daily Borg implant, and I actually use a live scribe pen, taking notes and sending PDFs of scribble to my team on a regular basis. There isn’t a single light in my house that connects directly to a wall switch, everything is automated and it’s awesome!

It’s fair to say I’m what you would call an early adopter of tech, and I LOVE IT.

I’m also a watch collector. I have close to thirty watches and the sound of automatic watch winders is a constant friend in our house. Many of my relatives have ended up with high end watches, just to assuage my guilt from having possibly too many.

So it would seem like a simple step for me to pre-order an apple watch, but I’m not entirely convinced.

I have an iphone, and of all the phones I’ve used (and use today) I still prefer it, so I have the require base infrastructure in place. So what is stopping me taking the plunge?

It’s simple, I’m just not sure that I really want to make phone calls from my wrist, and I’m not sure it’s going to be a useful addition to my world.

I saw the Google glass, and thought it was a fantastic idea in principle, but in practice it did turn people into glass-holes.

I Love tech and I love watches, but do I really want or need a watch that needs charging every night, and that does exactly what my phone does, just on my wrist. And makes people look like a poor rendition of Dick Tracy meets Captain Kirk (original series and not even the slightly higher production quality reboots)

This is the first bit of new tech in many years that I can’t truly convince myself I want.

Now I’m not saying I won’t be getting up a 3am on the 10th to place my order, and I’m not saying I will. The jury in my mind palace is still out, and it quite possibly won’t be able to make a decision in time.


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