Keep calm and carry on is the English way

Why is that World War Two poster so popular in America

Seems everyone has a version of the “keep calm and carry on” poster. Either as a tee shirt or bumper sticker.

But why?

That’s the English way, not the American way.

The English don’t react, don’t respond. Call it a stiff upper lip, or a stupid idealized stick up the arse, but it’s the English way.

The American way is to always respond. If someone doesn’t move quickly, shout at them.

If you don’t like something , bring lawyers and ask for a billion in punitive damages

If a crazy mad man attacks, destroy his country, and a bunch of nearby countries, and do it in no particular order.

I’m not saying that I disagree with the American idea, it’s the knowledge and attitude of power.

But what it is not, is keeping calm and carrying on.

I want to see the tee shirt that say ” get pissed and make things worse” and the one that says “annoy me and I’ll destroy you”

These are American! And these are attitudes to be proud of!


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