Lets get rid of the minimum wage

The concept of a minimum wage is nuts. It’s not a minimum wage that is the deciding factor, but the minimum cost of living.

Where we have a minimum wage below the cost of living, the people who get paid the minimum wage are obviously receiving benefit in some other form to subsidize there existence.

Either the receive direct help in the form
Of government benefits, of indirect help such as unpaid for health care or the impact we all pay in the form of crime.

All of these costs need to be passed onto the people that exploit these low paid workers.

If Walmart want to pay workers $7 per hour and that worker then receives additional benefits or costs on society lets see how Walmart like having those costs pushed to them as a tax.

It’s simple , no minimum wage in exchange for the fully loaded cost on society being passed to the cheap employers.

If a company pays the right wage so that their lowest employees don’t need benefits, their tax goes down, if not they go up.

Actually I know I started by saying get rid of the minimum wage, but what I’m really saying is , the minimum wage is a function of the basic cost of living. It’s stupid to pay people less than it costs to live, because this just makes the world a worse place for everyone.


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