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Every marketing person I speak to thinks that social media just has to be part of their marketing mix. I ask the question;

Think about it, social media is simply a forum for people who know each other, knew each other or share some element of interest in common. That means that they… we…. are not really interested in companies, products or services when we choose to use any of the plethora of social media systems that exist. What we are interested in, is people.

Tell me about you, about your interests, your frustrations, your opinions. When I get to know you I will start to care about your views. And when I care (even a little) then I may be interested in the company you work for, what you think of them, and maybe about the product you make or sell.

There is a massive difference between you and your product, at least I choose (we all choose) to believe that.

Once I care, things change.

So businesses, social media is no quick, cheap place to get a list of people to market to, it’s possibly the most expensive medium in existence. It’s expensive because there is no escape from actually acting like a human being, and deeply understanding the people who you interact with.

When facebook created the ‘like” button, they were being incredibly astute in the language they used.


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