Major League March in DC

Dateline: Washington, DC (on a brutally hot August Saturday)

Prior to the Washington Nationals home baseball game this past weekend there was a “breast-feeders’ rights” protest march/gathering in the city to bring awareness to the fact that women are being forced to cover their exposed breast/s and stop nursing their children in ballparks, restaurants and other public venues in our nation’s Capitol and elsewhere (including other Major League Baseball (MLB) cities).

It’s been a while since I was an infant but I believe I do recall being hungry every hour or so for most of my life so I’m going to agree when told the little guys need to eat that often as well.  And if “mom” provides the best, healthiest and most cost-efficient meals, then I’m on board for that too.

While observers said that this “Million Mammary March” may have come up a little short on total numbers (that would be 500,000 women for you non-math majors), the expressions on the faces of male and female onlookers showed that these proud women protesting with their glistening, naked  breasts in the 100 degree heat had a major league impact on them.  And I can see why it did.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig

I can just see MLB Commissioner Bud Selig appearing visibly moved by the sight and even briefly joining the busty babes as they completed a memorable march from the Capitol to the Washington Monument to Half St. and into Nationals Park.   He of course would be reportedly, “…later treated for heat exhaustion and potential retina damage in both eyes – but of course planning to participate next year.”

Keep up the fight ladies, there are baseball fans and many other men and women that are with you!





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