No I don’t want discounted electricity, please go to hell!

I signed up to the “Do Not Call Register” a long time ago, and while I’m sure some telesales organizations do adhere to the rules, far too many do not.

The one that annoys me the most, are a bunch of fu$kwits who call virtually every day to try and sell me discounted electricity. These a$$holes call with an automated message offering to lower the cost of my electricity bill. I continue to ignore them and they continue to call me.

Each time they call it’s a different phone number so blocking the number doesn’t work. I’ve reported them to the DNCR, and yet they keep calling.

One day I would love to meet these pri&ks and explain to them with a variety of household DIY tools the error of their ways.

Electric Meter

If there is one perfect way to ensure I will NEVER buy your product, it’s to call my home phone with an automated message.

Discount Electricity Company I wish you would FOAD


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