Playing games with Israel

What a ridiculous situation.

Israel is regularly attacked with missiles and so called suicide bombers by people who don’t recognize its right to exist. These people are clearly funded and supported by a country who has outright said that it wants to destroy Israel.

This country (Iran) has been developing nuclear fuel which with some more development may to used to make a nuclear bomb.
Leaders from many countries have been working using “diplomacy” to try and find a way to not have to go to war with a nuclear Iran.

The senate leader invites the leader of Israel to present to the US congress, but doesn’t tell the US president.

What choice does the Israeli leader have? He will of course jump at any chance to present his case to any part of the US government.

• He can choose to not accept the offer because the President was not involved. But that just makes him look weak.
• He can choose to ask the US president if that is okay, which would make him look week and ineffectual.
• Or he can accept the offer, make his case and include a call out to the US president for all his good works.

He chose option 3, which frankly is what anyone would choose to do.

You don’t have to agree with the politics of the Middle East to realize that it was the only real choice he had. He was a pawn being played by the leader of the senate who invited him.

John Boehner (the lightly orange cry baby) whose name should really be pronounced “Boner” has proven himself to be the most useless man in Washington. Considering the competition that is a very high bar to achieve.


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