Please stop shouting “get in the Hole”!

When did it become acceptable for the average American golf competition to be littered with the phrase “get in the hole”?

I say average American, because (so far) this virus doesn’t seem to have been transmitted globally, just seems to have infected American golf fans.

Imagine you’re the player, you’re teeing off on a par 5, you go to make your downswing, and some numpty shouts “gert inthehole” just as you make contact. Your first thought is probably full of expletives, but when you calm down you then think to yourself “how stupid can they be, to think that’s a reasonable thing to say”, and secondly, “come on, think of something original to say”.

Obviously every golfer, and golf fan wants the ball to reach the hole, but don’t people realize that shouting it out at every whack of the ball, doesn’t really add anything to the game.

It’s inane, annoying and speaks to a very simple mind.

I suspect this golfing shout is being propagated by the same people that clap when a famous performer first comes on the stage, or when a ballerina doesn’t fall over when doing a pirouette. Or when the cannon goes off in the 1812, or when a plane lands without killing anyone (actually, I’ve not sure if this is there criteria, as I’ve never been on a plane with a fatality on landing).

It’s either the same people or there is a lot of stupidity in the world (both options seem viable)



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