It’s possible to make anything sound reasonable.

When you consider any outrageous point of view, there is always a way of stating at least one element of the message and making it sound reasonable, and then slowly add other elements to the message so that each sound reasonable in the context of the previous point. In this way you can lead people down a path that allows them to agree with even the most ridiculous position.

Of course doing this means you must keep your target person focused on just your point of view, and not let them think freely. Because the moment they think for themselves the whole craziness of the argument becomes apparent.

If you can get enough people to follow you down this journey the overall power of mob-think can take over and can ensure that the crazy idea you are proposing becomes self-perpetuating. The pressure from others stops each person thinking for themselves.

The power of this is immense.

It’s the basis of religion, sexism, racism, communism, political parties, sport, armies and pretty much everything that society has built.

Is it always bad? NO.

Can it be used for bad? absolutely!

And there is a simple remedy. THINK FOR YOURSELF. If the idea being proposed has merit, it’s okay to do it. But if the idea is clearly stupid, walk away from it, even if people you think are nice and following it.

Don’t let the stupidity of others perpetuated by a group become an idea you believe in, just because others tell you to, think for yourself.

Please feel free to think about this idea for yourself, and if you think I’m being stupid, then ignore me. It’s your choice.


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