Presiding while Black

I try not to live my life through the lens of politics, but I have to say I’m quite unimpressed with the US governments’ ability to replicate the last years of the Roman Empire.

I mean talk about fiddling while Rome burns! The ability for politicians to take actions that hurt real people, just to score political points is incredible.

I measure the effectiveness of any governing body by the results it achieves. If nothing breaks, minimal people die, employment goes up and the cost of living goes down I’m generally happy.

And by the cost of living I’m talking holistically. I don’t care if it’s federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, sales taxes, VAT, inflation, healthcare costs, airport fees, booking fees of Broadway show tickets, a tax on plastic bags or the price of fuel. If at the end of the day what you can spend and save goes down something is broken and I want to know what and why.

Any politician that fails to stop a war or starts a war, clearly has failed. I don’t care who started it, the most powerful politicians are the ones who fix it without sending teenagers with guns anywhere. Sending heroes into harm’s way is a last resort, and the politician who was not good enough to stop it has proved their ineffectiveness.

And when a politician has failed and people are pointing guns at each other, the only way the politician can redeem themselves at all, is to ensure that the fighting is swift, decisive and with minimal casualties. Generals know how to do this, and they do it best when the politicians back off. Police actions, spending time standing around at check points and patrolling streets are political points, and they lead to real people paying the price.

But here’s the thing, I really don’t care if a leader has a dick or a vagina, or both or neither. I don’t care what color his or her skin is, and I don’t care what political party they favor or what deity they pretend to gesticulate towards. I really do hate people who do care about these things.

The affordable healthcare act, seemed like a good idea. The ACA was broken before it was launched, but even in its broken state it is better than what was in place before. I think most people expected government to do what governments have always done, and make it better. But instead it was used as a tool to break government even further.

The US has millions of immigrants from countries to the south. They have always been a great source of cheap labor who could be treated badly and due to their lack of legal status had only two choices, take it or fuck off. Rather than fix the situation again government has used it as a tool to break things even further.

In every possible way, from replacing dead judges to fixing crumbling bridges government have used the situation as a tool to make things worse.
Some would like to blame this on just one political party, but that is weak and pointless. Don’t believe me? Well, just note how many democrats refused to acknowledge that they voted for the black man, twice.

I would suggest that the republicans and democrats are equally to blame for the mess we are in. Republicans for blind loyalty, and the democrats for being too weak and cowardly to stand up and be counted.

The president does seen to have more melanin under his skin than most elected federal politicians. And it does seem that a lot of people hate him for it. Like all political leaders he has done a mix of good and bad. It’s just a shame that so many people are so tuned to be racist assholes, that they are happy to promote the bad as a way of making things worse, while stopping the good to … making things worse.

The phrase “cutting off your nose to spite your face” seems to be the new American normal.


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