Separating government and profit

I’m sick and tired of hearing from politicians that we need to reduce the spending on social programs (aka entitlements). The issue in the us is that government spending is just a method of moving tax money to private companies. There are huge opportunities to reduce spending while increasing services by taking the for profit model out of social programs.

If medical services were centrally negotiated the prices would drop dramatically. That’s the power of economics.

The same goes for every government service.

But all politicians are so beholden to corporations through lobbyists that this solution is entirely off the table.

Education, prisons, healthcare, unemployment services, transport, security, every single place where government spends money is infected with overpayment and under delivery.

Reducing federal government spending only moves the costs to the state and local level and in effect doesn’t reduce the overall tax burden on the average person.

If the federal investment in schools goes down, then the state taxes go up, or local taxes go up, or school fees go up. It’s all the same people!

While if you remove the federal and state mandates on the school system and instead let teachers teach kids how to learn rather than to a test, costs can go down and the quality can go up.

Do you know that schools now spend a greater proportion of all their funds on outside support services, and less on teachers, and this has lead to an expensive and worthless nightmare,

The same goes for every government service, and this is not a one party issue. Every politician just cares about reelection and funds and kickbacks from corporations via lobbyists.

It’s a very corrupted system and needs significant changes, that will make every $ work harder, and take the profit model out of delivering everything that tax goes to pay for.

When you think this way, we end up with better services that cost less and demand a huge amount more from corporations. Yes this will lower the corporate profits exercised from tax revenue, but it’s what’s needed to lower taxes, pay off the national debt and balance the books, while still building the best country in the world.

Rather than demonizing every word that ends in “ism” lets treat government as a very carefully considered set of services and not a cash cow.


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