Shag one sheep……

So you get asked to give a keynote to an organization, that’s wonderful, what is the first thing you do? Well you research the organization so that you understand the audience and can tune your presentation.

And when you do that, you note that the president of the organization used to be a grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

So you write your presentation, and you go to the event, and it’s hard not to notice the type of people on the stage with and in the audience.

So you give your presentation, shake a few hands and get on with your life.

It’s possible that you are “that” oblivious of your surroundings, and did not notice the shaven heads, angular tattoos and general tone of the conversations, but it’s hard to generally ignore a large number of bigots, I know I try regularly.

The old “oh I didn’t realize they were racists” line, just isn’t going to cut it.

Why not go for the “represent all constituents” play, and that will work if there happens to be a few less white keynotes in your history. If not you’re just a racist (and that is not a good thing for a GOP whip btw)

If may have just been one white supremacist keynote, but as they say in Australia “shag just one sheep, and you’ll be known as a sheep shagger for life”


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