So what’s the worst that could happen?

It seems to me that the political pundits on American TV all have a similar attitude when discussing the merits of each crazy plan from the democratic and republican elected officials and candidates for elected positions.

To the average person it’s simply unfathomable just how ridiculous the plans of both parties often are.

Right now there are tens of millions of people out of work, hundreds of thousands of defaulting mortgages every month, a national deficit that has been expanding for decades, thousands upon thousands of military personnel in harms way overseas and thousands more returning home with terrible physical and psychological injuries, crazy countries posturing for a fight, millions of people below the poverty line, a quickly evaporating middle class and an education system failing to educate the next generation.

Yet the key topics of interest are sexual orientation, equal rights for women and how much religion should be allowed in government.

Let me make this really simple, this last set are not government issues. These are solved, done discussions for the great federal government. In law everyone is equal irrespective on sexual orientation or gender or religion, and there is no religious test for any elected position in government and there is already a strict line separating religion and government. It’s done, over, complete, sorted, fini, solved, quod erat demonstrandum. So stop pissing around and focus on what is important!

Do we need more tax revenue? Possibly, but what’s more important is to stop wasting what we already collect. Clearly there are efficiencies that the large purchasing power of the government can control, and this should be used more effectively. That’s not socialism, that’s fiscal responsibility.

We need to stop sending jobs overseas, and that will only happen when it’s not economically advantageous to hire locally.

Healthcare is unbelievably expensive in the USA today, and the quality of service (compared the rest of the world) does not justify the highest costs. We need outcome based cost models rather than litigious and per-service cost models. This drives up efficiency and drives down costs, and does not require anyone to give up quality. There is no perfect solution, as medicine is not perfect, but having bleeding bandaged old people sleeping on subway benches (I see this daily btw) is not the answer.

We need to use the armed forces more carefully. Soldiers are not policemen, when they are asked to meet a goal, make the goal clear, and once they have met it get them home. Our heroes deserve no less.

And the US education system is so burdened by top-down mandates, shrinking funds and finger pointing that it’s time to stop the madness and place it back in the hands of the people who actually care about the students, and this is the teacher’s.

Both political parties today along with the pundits on each and every one of the networks are avoiding the difficult decisions, and instead focusing on the bullshit questions.

There clearly are other issues both trivial and critical, but the only way to fix the big issues is to work together and not put personal reward above ethical responsibility.

Any politician that chooses to make a decision for political gain over the needs of the electorate needs to be called out for what they are, and voted against at every opportunity by the people.


All the big issues are obvious, and technically quite solvable, once you remove personal gain from the political equation.


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