Spotting an FDRtard

Why does every road seem to have its own variety of fu$ktards!

Most mornings I travel to work on the FDR drive, a road up the East side of Manhattan Island. It’s a fast road with a lots of exists, some on the left and some on the right. But it seems the FDRtard likes to always travel up the exit lanes and at the last second pull back onto the main road. This has the obvious effect of causing an array of stupid accidents, and causing no end of bottlenecks that could so easily be avoided.

These same FDRtards then get annoyed when they perceive anyone else trying to do the same thing, and so try and block exit lanes to stop others from getting ahead of them. Of course if you happen to want to exit, using the exit lane becomes very dangerous as an FDRtard in a SUV is quite likely to jump back into the exit lane to stop your progress, just in case you were also an FDRtard and were only using the lane to skip back into the main lane at the last second.

Now Along with the FDRtard, there are also the Hutchtards and the freewaytards, who do similar things to your basic FDRtard but add other levels of stupidity.

The hutchtards also create new lanes by driving up the hard shoulder and across painted junctions to avoid and create all new types of traffic jams.

While the freewaytards do all of the above but also like to drive at high speed for short distances and then break very hard skidding and swapping lanes without indicating.

I suspect if the police were to stop every rushhour cartard the national debt could easily be paid off with bad driving fines in a couple of weeks.


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