The amazing attraction of the “watch”

There was a time not so long ago when people in their teens would not be seen dead wearing a watch. Watch-less-ness seemed to go along with inverted baseball caps and trousers that hung around the knees.

A watch is one of the only pieces of jewelry that is acceptable for a man to wear. It has a practical function. That and maybe a single subtle ring on a single finger (as it’s part of the marriage contract), and possibly cuff links (because the shirt has holes in the cuff and needs it).

Studs, earrings, chains and wristbands are not the accouterments of real men, it’s that simple.


Real men do not adorn their skin with ink or color their hair.

They don’t wear makeup or require “creams” of any description.

And getting your nails done, should mean going to the hardware store to get your nail gun fixed because it broke.

Now I’m sure there are some people who may disagree with me, but these people are not “real” men.

Now I know lots of men do have tattoos, or wear lots of jewelry, and I’m not saying they are in some way inferior to real men, just they are making a fashion statement, and as we all know real men have no idea about fashion statements.

I’m just saying….


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