The Basics

Wear a mask to slow the spread

Wash your hands often

Keep you distance

A vaccine will not stop 100% of infections, It may lower the intensity of symptoms, and it may reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection. Less is good, but today there is no vaccine, and if we are lucky this will be available sometime next year.

Testing is critical, for the economy to resume. We need everyone to be tested every couple of days, and the results must be available almost instantly. Then anyone who tests positive must be quarantined and anyone they have met recently must also be tested and quarantined (this takes tracking and trackers). This takes a must larger number of tests than are currently available and these must be rapid tests. This needs a mandate from the federal government to force companies to build tests. And there must be funding, managed centrally to make this possible.

And we need these tests to be delivered, so we need federally mandated healthcare in place to do this.

Right now, millions of people are out of work because of the slow-down in the economy caused in large part by the impacts of badly managing a pandemic. These people need support from the government, and there are models that clearly work, just look at what every other government in the western world is doing.

This is not that hard.

Masks and social distancing are not democratic party support, they are practical measures to reduce sickness.

Paying unemployed people unemployment is not socialism, it’s a practical method of avoiding creating destitution, and ensuring that the workforce is healthy and available to work.

We have proved that social distancing, masks and general hygiene work, and we have also proved that not doing these things makes people more likely to become sick, and spread the disease.

This isn’t that hard.


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