The fundamental flaw in America. Healthcare

There is a simple clear difference between the us healthcare philosophy and the rest of the world. And it’s a difference that is so ingrained in the philosophy of the system that even the most radical ideas of either political extreme will not change it. And it causes untold hurt to Americans.

In every other country in the world, when a drug is found that dramatically increases the quality of life for patients with progressive and deadly diseases it is evaluated against the overall good, while in America the evaluation is against the overall return on investment.

Every drug has side effects, and some of the best have deadly but rare side effects.

If there is a drug that halts the progression of a terrible disease but will kill one in a thousand, that would be automatically prescribed in most countries. But in America a whole range of lessor viable drugs would be used first. And with each failure the disease may well progress leaving the patient more debilitated, until eventually the best drug will be used because at that point there is no other choice.

This model ensures the maximum ROI for the doctor and the least chance of law suits, but is worse for the patient.

Surely it’s time to improve healthcare and reduce the cost of healthcare. And that means making decisions that are scientifically the best, and if that means that people lose the right to sue their healthcare providers for everything but the most obvious of mistakes so be it.


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