The Police are not the issue.

Society as a whole requires rules, and rules require people to maintain these rules.

But when society becomes warped it can become very hard to maintain these rules in a professional manner. The police are caught between a rock and a hard place.

We demand freedom. Freedom to carry weapons without regulation, freedom to drink alcoholin quantities that impair judgement, freedom to drive cars fast. Guns do get into the hands of people who may choose to use them in bad ways. We clearly have too many guns and not enough regulation, and this makes being police even harder.

And the police can be very worried about the potential for weapons to be used against them.

We are all racist, we all see people unlike ourselves as dangerous, until we get to know them. This demands that the police become better, with more training and more oversight (which takes more funding). If we expect the police to not be racist, this takes MORE funding, not less.

Policing is not a highly paid job, and most police do this job because they see it as an important honorable living, one with a built in fraternity and one which after a lifetime of work will pay a solid dependable pension. It’s a hard job, a true profession that demands a deep understanding of the law, of people skills and of physical skills.

There are clearly some people who do the job for the machismo, and it takes immense effort to weed out these inappropriate elements (which takes funding).

A professional police force is expensive, and some may say we cannot afford it. But the cost of an unprofessional police force or an underfunded police force is far greater.


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