“The Weatherman” – Scam or Sham?

As I recently zipped through the city on yet another beautiful, sunny day in which people are carrying umbrellas and wearing rain gear I realize that I’m still angry about the sham (or is it scam?), that is “the Weatherman.”  This includes the Weatherwoman, Weathergirl, Doppler 3000 Weatherputer and all the rest.  You’re failing!
There are just as many days where throngs of umbrella-less Weather Report watching faithful are fighting in the downpour for the feeble number of taxicab drivers who showed up for work (because taxi drivers listen to the “forecast” as well).  Failure!

Extended forecasts?… 5 Day Forecast, 7 Day Forecast, 10 Day Forecast!  Come on now, you can’t get tomorrow right half the time and I’m supposed to make plans for next week based on your “expertise.”  A blindfolded monkey with a pencil in his mouth is just as likely to get it right as you guys.  I mean that.  I’d wager that the printed-once-a-year Farmer’s Almanac and the damn Groundhog (Phil to his friends), have better performance records than you air-brushed, teeth-capped, surgically-altered, always smiling “weather experts.”  Why are you smiling btw?  It certainly can’t be pride in performance.  

Sham or scam is my only question.  Do you really know that you and all your meteorological tables and tech have no clue what the weather will be, but are pretending you do (scam)? Or do you genuinely think you can predict the weather but are just wrong more than half of the time (sham)?  Either way, you’re essentially stealing money if you get paid more than a Carnival Guesser.

The only accurate human Weatherman was WKRP’s Les Nessman in Cincinnati who did up to the minute “Eyewitness Weather” reports based on looking around outside and “witnessing” the weather… and you Mr. Weatherman are no Les Nessman. 



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