There is nothing more critical in a politician than ethics.

We can debate how to improve society, but when someone believes their own wealth is more important than the people they represent, they are, by definition unfit to lead.

Until such time as Donald Trump is removed from office, my pure focus is on voting to remove Donald Trump from office. And simply because the republican party has chosen to blindly follow the lead of Donald Trump, I will vote entirely against every republican candidate, and for every democratic party candidate.

Let’s elect a democratic President, House and Senate in 2020, and then get each department of government to be led by people with experience in those areas of government. You know someone who understands education to run the department of education, someone who understands the environment to run the department responsible for the environment, someone who understands the postal service to run the postal service etc. Doesn’t seem that hard.

We need infrastructure, fiscal stability, healthcare, security, a passion for the future (not just the past), xenophilia, inclusion and equality in all things, belief in science and knowledge, global partnerships, and a political leadership overseen by a constitution, free press and governance.

And just a side note, separating religion from politics does not preclude religion, it just means people can ask their spiritual leaders for guidance, but are not forced to follow religious view by legal fiat. Don’t want to eat bacon, don’t. Don’t want to wear a head covering, don’t. Don’t want to use contraception, don’t. Don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. Don’t want sex outside of marriage, don’t have it. Want to shop on Sunday, okay. Want to pray, okay. It’s just simply that each person gets to choose if they wish to listen to their religious leaders or not. The power of persuasion is enough.


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