There must be a better way

Every day I get a dozen calls from sales people I don’t know, who try every technique they can think of to get past my receptionist and into my voicemail box. And by the very volume of these calls, the receptionist has now become real world trained to identify every trick in the book.

• The “I was asked to call at this time” gambit fails 100% of the time
• The “we have a scheduled meeting” play only leads to the receptionist calling me and confirming that it is bullshit.
• The “I was passed to you by xxx in your company” just doesn’t cut it.

Look sales people if you want to reach me, try something really new, try sending me something of value first, like an example of what you can do for me. Don’t call me or email me, send it in the post, that gets my attention and doesn’t waste my time, it just appears on my desk and I do look at it. Then if I like what you send “maybe” I’ll call you.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but how many services so you need to buy the same stuff. If I need something I do what everyone else does, either google it or ask someone else what they are using.

The worst though has to be the spam emails.
I get several hundred of these every week. The ones offing penis enlargements and requesting help to get large amounts of money out of Nigeria get picked up quite well by the anti-spam tools, but about 20 of these every day are from companies trying to sell me contact lists, website development services or reporting tools. I may actually update my email autoreply to external people to say “btw I already have a web team, great contact lists and a BI team, so if you want to sell me any of these things, consider yourself updated I DON’T NEED THEM”

If you want to send me an email don’t, send me something of value, there are loads of things I don’t know, so tell me some of them. I , like most busy people respond well to those who take the time to think through the situation and provide something interesting.

Robot-calls, spam quality emails, cold calls along with pop-up ad’s on webpages, or unrequested requests on social media are dead to me.


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