True Heroes

There is no draft, every soldier, airman, marine or sailor that signs up does so voluntarily. They don’t get paid a huge wage, and they know when they leave their service they will do so without a great safety net.

There is also a significant risk of physical or emotional damage from the things they will be asked to do. Their families take the same risk. But yet they sign up, go through training and serve their nation honorably.

They know that while they are putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk the rest of the population gives them lip service, and very little else.

They know that the people they leave at home are not sharing the risk or even paying higher taxes to pay for their service or to protect them with enough armor or support.

They know that the reasons why they are sent into harms way, are not always about protecting their country. They know that politicians use them for financial gain.

But they are committed to the idea of their country, and will honor the oath they take to follow the direction of their leaders.

And that is why they are true heroes.

Every single person that signs up for service knowing what that entails for them and their loved ones, and knowing how little their country gives in return is a true hero.

When I hire people, and one of the candidates has served their country in this way, I see that as a huge plus, and it is an honor to hire them.



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