Where does it go then?

Every day thousands of power stations around the world burn dead animals and plants to create heat to boil water into steam, and then they use that steam to push the blades of turbine fans which in turn push rotors with magnets on them which turn magnetic fields, inducing electrons in coils to move. It’s a little more complex than that, but only a little. We generate power by burning coal and oil to run steam engines.

You’d think that over a century after the end of the victorian age we would have found better ways to generate power, and while we have, they are nowhere near as economically powerful as fossil fuels. Sunlight, wind and waves are not a consumable commodity that can be traded as easily.

There is of course a lot of industry focused on the creation of new forms of power stations, but none of them offer the lucrative business model of oil, gas and coal. And for this reason a huge amount of money is spent to convince the world that global warming isn’t real.

Clearly when you pump millions of tons of shit into the atmosphere it must have some effect. It turns out that much of the crap pumped out creates a nice duvet for the planet, causing the average temperature to raise just a tiny amount. But it also turns out that even a tiny amount has a huge cumulative effect.

Every year the earth wobbles on its axis, absorbing the suns energy in slightly different amounts in different places. Add to this that the sun’s energy output varies every year as well. Well it seems that the ecosystem we have on earth has evolved to fit within these parameters. So when you add even a very slight change to the way in which the earth deals with what it absorbs you will have some years when the maximum and minimum levels that is the earths normal cycle are exceeded.

What does this mean in real terms.? Well it’s not easy to calculate but smart minds have been looking at this issue for a while and have determined that it will mean, changes to sea level, larger storms, longer draughts, hotter summers, colder winters and generally things that we would prefer not to happen.

Of course those who prefer to keep pumping huge amounts of crap into the atmosphere have decided that this is horse crap.

It always amazes me how people with a vested interest in a situation are so clear that they are right, and are willing to invest heavily in promoting their “rightness” even when there is absolutely zero supporting evidence.

I loved the movie “thank you for smoking”, and I can’t wait for the sequel “there’s nothing like a clean coal powered power station”

There is always the possibility that all of science is wrong, and that global warming isn’t happening. But since the only people who don’t believe it are actually paid not to believe it (oil, coal, gas industries and those they pay who run political parties etc.). yet the people who are saying that it is an issue, are not making money out of there being global warming (except for those who write books on the subject I suppose), then it seems most likely to me that it’s absolutely a real threat.

Slowly but surely the commodities industries are working out how to make money out of non-fossil based energy creation. When they have a viable model, I suspect that all of a sudden they will want to make the change, and be seen as heroes, but until then we will have to listen to the likes of Al Gore drone on about the terrible effects of global warming.

Please fossil fuels industry, please find an answer soon. If not to save the world from terrible natural disasters, as least to save us from pious ex-politicians.



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