Why I tolerate crap maps from Apple.

It’s true I’ve prayed at the temple of Apple (known to those in the know as the Tapple). Well It’s not a religious experience but a logical one. Technology is a major part of the western world. We all consume information as a primary activity, be it TV, radio, newspapers, books, conversation, music, browsing the shops, video games it’s all about information, we consume it and we create it by our every action.

A view from the just launched apple maps – seriously what world is this?

Our TV’s have grown from monochrome cathode ray tubes to 65-inch thin glass picture frames on the wall with near real colors and enough pixels to almost seem natural.

And everything has a microprocessor inside it, allowing layers of software to create a grid of intelligence that overlays our lives.

Everyone we interact with friends, family, companies we work with, companies we don’t want relationships with, governments; everyone keeps data on each of us.

Thousands of friends on facebook , twitter, pintrest. Contact databases, loyalty cards, credit cards, face recognition, everything we touch and touches us is creating data.

The trick today is to get all that beautiful data to work for us.

At the consumer level we all have multiple TV’s, hi-fi’s, phones, cameras, laptops, home computers, but they are all disparate devices, each with their own way of allowing us to consume all this data we collect.

That is except Apple. The ONE thing that Apple has done better than anyone else is to create a way that you can access all your data from anywhere.

Each of my TV’s has an Apple TV attached to it, this means I can watch movies and listen to music in exactly the same way on all of them. And I can do exactly the same thing from my Ipads, Iphones, computers, and laptops.

Apple offer the only consistent interface across many devices

I can also move the listening or watching of media from and of those devices just with the touch of a button. I can be watching a movie on YouTube on my ipad and with the press of a button push it to any of my TV’s. It’s such a trivial and easy task I don’t event see it as technical any more.

But without Apple there is no other way of doing this!

If I use Microsoft Windows, or Android I can “almost” do it, but it’s technical and if I were to try and show my wife how to do it, I would probably be wearing a keyboard as a internal nose attachment.

Xboxes, Wiis, PS3’s, Samsung TV’s, roku boxes, along with many music solutions all offer bits of the solution, but only Apple today offers one that works easily and without extreme cost.

I’ve seen some excellent marketing videos from Google and Microsoft promising a future where every surface is an interface (not unlike an awesome sci-fi movie), and they look incredible, but today what they offer is not even close to the vision or even what apple is delivering right now.

I can’t wait for others to catch up. I want to see what it’s going to take to become the new king.

I get quite angry when I read reviews for new tech, and the reviewers fail to consider the complete solution consumers care about. For example when a reviewer reviews a mobile phone, and they talk about the camera and the battery life, but entirely fail to mention that there are zero accessories available and there is really crap software that is required to move movies to the phone, or that there is no way to interact between the phone and any other device in your life. It’s lazy reviewing and is just a repackaging of the marketing departments reviewers guide, with no added value. Yes I’m talking to you David Pogue and you Walt Mossberg and you CNET. I have been fooled by your passionate (but proven worthless) reviews too many times. I mention these particular people because I think they are the best of the bunch, and while they are not always good enough that are clearly better than most.

I miss Cranky Geeks, the video blog run by John Dvorak. Dvorak lived up to the shows title, but at the same time gave an honest portrayal of tech we come in contact with, and is often very hard on new technology, but is more often than not proved right.

Cranky Geeks – I Miss you

We need more cantankerous reviewers in the tech world. Maybe if the press were less agreeable when companies launched weak incomplete solutions, just maybe they would start to put more effort into meeting the consumer need.
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