Why isn’t the Segway more popular?

Why isn’t the Segway more popular?

Living in a city that has far too many cars, I can’t help but dream about a future that eliminates the pollution, congestion, noise and danger of millions of cars packed into a space far too small for them.

Some “tree huggers” would say that the answer is the bicycle, but these people are just wrong. Riding a bicycle in a city requires a level of commitment to health along with a perilous disregard for fashion this is far too absolute for a normal human being.

It clearly is so bad for the souls that ride bikes, that they quickly give up all will to live, resorting to no longer following the rules of the road by never stopping at red lights, feeling free to ride the wrong way on one way roads and making extra lanes whenever they like. Bicycles are clearly physically and mentally unhealthy.

Cyclist wearing a full-body condom. Embarrassing the environment. Luckily the pointy seat they stick through their gonads, plus the likelihood of a fatal accident ensure this behavior is quickly being removed from the gene pool.

So what other option is there?

I like the idea of a two-wheeled powered vehicle that is easy to drive and runs on electricity. Such a vehicle does exist in the form of the Segway.

The Segway is a brilliant invention. It’s a simple self-balancing platform that you stand on, and lean forward to go forward and backwards to slow, stop and go backwards. Steering is handled by leaning the handle left or right. It’s very simple.

I’ve rented Segway’s in Washington DC, Chicago, A Caribbean Island and even in Florence, Italy. They are a fantastic way of getting around, and would be perfect for any congested city.

Except New York City doesn’t allow them. There is politics involved here, but it seems they have put limits on the use of Segway’s to stop them being used just where they would be most useful.

There is one old man with two walking sticks, who I see riding his Segway up and down Madison Avenue every now and again. He’s wears a suit and a hat and looks quite “dapper”, hangs his walking sticks over the handle bars and zips along at a good pace. While we law-abiding citizens just look on and lust after such a great way to get around the city. I’m not sure if he has some special dispensation for being handicapped or just doesn’t give a damn, but it’s great to see.

When the Segway eventually becomes legal in NYC, I suspect it will prove very popular, and for every Segway in use that’s one less car or full-body-condom-encased cyclist.

It can’t happen too soon!



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